Kick On Football Coaching's main aims are simple. Our first aim to give all children the oppotunity to play football in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment making it easy to develop new friendships and reach their personal potential.
   Our next aim is to develop the person before the player. There is more to football than just kicking the ball around, we coach team work, perseverance, communication skills and determination along with all the footballing skills and knowhow to progress through footballing age groups.
   We want children who don't want to play at a club to come and enjoy our sessions with no pressure to perform, we would also love children to come and play more football than just their clubs sessions and games. Kick On is completely seperate to any club meaning players can play at their clubs and at Kick On. 
   Overall Kick On's 'pay as you attend' sessions are here to help develop players skills no matter their level or experience. 


There are different things we offer at Kick On Football. Every Saturday Morning at Gregson Lane Park and Community Centre we offer 'pay as you atted' football coaching sessions, the ages and times are as following. 

9am till 10am - 3 to 5 Years
10am till 11am - 6 to 8 Years 
11am till 12pm - 9 to 11 Years

Your first session is FREE! All ability's and experience's welcome. 

We also hold Football Festivals in the school holidays. A Football Festival is a full day of football, a usual day consists of football coaching sessions for all ages in the morning aimed to build skills and confidence before the afternoon football tournament! These days are always great fun and a great way for the children to get out the house during the holidys. Contact Dan to see when the next Football Festival.

1-2-1 Football Coaching has been something that has also become acessable accessible at Kick On Football Coaching. These sessions allow us to work really in depth with an indivigual players ability and mindset on a football pitch. For more information contact Dan.

Last but certainly not least we also offer Football Party's! These are always brillaint fun, we play lots of football games have races and have a big football game with our main aim to celebrate and have fun! Contact Dan for more information.


December 2019 saw Kick On's first Charity Fundraiser. This was in aid of Rainbow Trust Children's Charity and children local football. This was a great event tht took place Hoghton Village Hall, we managed to get over 100 people together for a night of food, drink and music. We hope that this event was the first of many and are currently planning another event for summer 2020! 

Kick On are also very proud to be sponsored by Mercer's Traditional Meats. Mark has now sponsored Kick On for over 3 years and continues to show his support to us. We strongly recomend that you go a visit Mercer's Traditional Meats or for more information hav a look on their website below. 

All information regarding Kick On Football Coaching regarding sessions, festivals, events ect can be found on our Facebook Page! Take a look and feel free to get in touch. Would be great to hear from you! 


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