Kick On Football Coaching is a football coaching business run by Dan Whiteley who is a young, ambitious and understanding football coach. Kick On provides every child the opportunity to play and learn football and create new friendships. We want to develop all members and encourage them to achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential. This should hopefully, over time, create a better mindset for the players of the future.

Dan has been playing and has been involved in football for more than 14 years. He has completed the FA Level 1 and Level 2 coaching qualifications in football and now has 3 years experience in coaching at age groups ranging from 3 years all the way to 15 years of age. Kick On Football Coaching takes time to understand the ability of all players and then works with each player to help develop their footballing skills. Dan keeps sessions fun and enjoyable which helps to create the perfect environment for learning to take place.

We are also proud to say we are supported by a number of generous local sponsors who help support and grow Kick On Football Coaching. 

Kick On Football Coaching also has a very popular Facebook page with lots of information on events, courses and sessions along with lots of other useful information. Find our facebook page Here  

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Our aim is to build a rapport with all players and understand their personal strengths and then to identify things they need to work on. We treat every player as an individual and accept all players at any level. Kick On aims to develop not only the player but the person as well. Dan believes football can have a positive impact on more things than just fitness. We encourage players to communicate, work together and get to know others who they don't already know. We aim to instill as much confidence as possible into each individual and responsibility is given to all players during training regarding decision making. Tasks are also given to players that require them to use their brain alongside their feet. Overall Kick On Football Coaching always aims to create an environment where the children feel safe and happy.

To create an area where children don't have to worry about making a mistake is of paramount importance to Dan and Kick On Football Coaching. We believe Kick On creates the best environment for learning to take place.



Kick On Football Coaching run 3 sessions on a Saturday morning.

The first session is from 09:00am till 10:00am. This is for 3 years to 5 years and is all about getting a ball at their feet and letting them start to discover the world of football whilst introducing them to basic ball work.

The second session is 10:00am till 11:00am, this is for 6 years to 8 years, these sessions are about solidifying the basics and moving on to slightly more technical ball work and then really getting the players to start using their brains whilst their playing to gain them more time. 

The final session runs from 11:00am to 12:00 noon, this session is for players aged 9 to 11 years of age. Here is where we start to look at positional work and getting to know where on a football pitch the players want and enjoy playing. We then work with each individual to develop their individual game, while still keeping a close eye on their basics and personal growth.

Kick On offers Football Parties, these usually last for around an hour, however they can be longer if required. Medals and trophys are given to all players. Parties consist of fun and enjoyable games and competitions and have proven to be a great way to celebrate birthdays for all. 

Kick On are now offering 121 Football Sessions! This is a great opportunity to really knuckle down on technical work or simple have some extra coaching. these sessions can be as often as players and parents require. 

Holiday Camps are now something that Kick On are starting to offer! These will be held at local schools or community centres. For more information on upcoming holiday camps take a look at our Facebook page for continous updates. 


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